Subterranean Garden

A live art tableau by Helen Hawley and Marina Kelly

7’30’  choreographed loop / Dieter Roth, Harmonica Curse (1991) / Mixed ambient recordings

Emptied of all workers, the 75,000 square foot City of Madison Municipal building was used as an exhibition and performance space for a hundred artists on December 10, 2016. Subterranean Garden was located at the end of a dim corridor that faced the re-cultivated office space of the former Department of City Planning. Enclosed by cubicles, with astroturf underfoot, and an imaginary net of evergreens overhead, the performers kicked up their feet and sashayed in unison to the tune of Dieter Roth’s Harmonica Curse. Video projections, fragrance, ambient forest recordings and swan decoys completed the live tableau of a strange garden in the far reaches of the building’s lower level.